Focus on Property has assisted clients to purchase commercial property for over 20 years. Now overseeing a portfolio of $600M, we are constantly searching for the next investment opportunity for our Investors. When the right investment comes along, we will secure the property under contract and begin the due diligence process, if all is satisfactory, we nominate the purchase contract to the client to complete the deal.

All property is individually held by an ownership entity which has its own Directors/Shareholders/Trustees, bank account, solicitor & accountant, debt levels, risk profile and financial objectives. We do not operate a trust account as there is no crossover or inter-entity transactions, all property entities are standalone that receive rent from their tenants and pay their own bills. This is to ensure independence and a lean management structure with low overheads. We manage all aspects of running these property entities, including GST filing, cashflow budgeting and comprehensive reporting.

The owners of each entity always remain in control, we provide expert advice so that informed decisions are made on the right basis. We can assist with bank finance as we hold longstanding relationships with the four main trading banks, we can skilfully prepare comprehensive finance applications for the most favourable outcomes. Communication is crucial with this level of service, we pride ourselves on regular, effective and open dealings as the clients’ interests always come first.

Our existing clients are our biggest source of new business because as their asset base grows, they are able to use bank debt to efficiently leverage and purchase more property. Once the ball is rolling it, we keep it pointed in the right direction.


Focus on Property is registered as a Financial Service Provider under the Financial Advisors Act 2008. This allows us to provide financial advice strictly to Wholesale Investors (as defined in the Act) on the merits of investing in a property syndication. Typically a Limited Partnership ownership structure, this is a more “hands off” property investment where we become the General Partner/Agent for the group. Of course we are still in constant communication with the owners and always seek approval for major transactions however due to the size of these groups, we have the ability to sign on behalf so that documents are completed in a timely manner. Limited Partners (the Investors), are not part of the day to day running of the investment and therefore are protected by a vail of limited liability, this means there is no recourse to the investors personally for the obligations of the Partnership. This is a major difference to Individual Ownership where the Investor is likely to need to give Personal Guarantees for finance credit.

We are actively seeking to secure more large scale property to syndicate and use our dedicated management team to maximise ongoing performance, year on year.


If either of these investment models are of interest to you, please get in touch.

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